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Product applications

  • Production
    Operational oil metering units in collection and preparation systems
  • Storage
    Intake and discharge, in-park pumping, branding and injection of additives
  • Transportation
    Automated loading and fiscal metering systems for railroad tank cars and tank trucks
  • Sales
    Automated filling metering systems to the end user
  • APCS
    Process automation at fuel supply facilities
About us
DELOVOY SOYUZ LLC is one of the leading Russian enterprises that have been designing, manufacturing and servicing equipment for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries in Russia and neighboring countries for more than 20 years.
It has a modern technological, design and production base, its own warehouses, areas and highly qualified personnel. This makes it possible to implement any functional requirements of customers efficiently and on schedule.
Today the number of the company is more than 120 people.
The equipment manufactured by us ensures the uninterrupted operation of liquid hydrocarbon storage warehouses and eliminates fuel losses in all areas of oil product supply, including production, transportation, processing, storage and sale.
Our successes
We are making great progress and are always developing! Here are some facts about how we work:
Our company was founded in 2000 and is constantly developing
Implemented projects from 2000 to 2023
We have assembled a team of professionals in their field!
Delovoy Soyuz LLC is the parent company of the holding of the same name

The commercial metering units of the TKK-100 series are designed to measure the volume and mass of liquid hydrocarbons during pumping, receiving and issuing it to automobile and railway tanks.

The complexes use specialized electric pumping units for pumping petroleum products with a double mechanical seal, compensators that exclude temperature and vibration effects on the pipeline, two-stage electromagnetic valves that protect the units from hydraulic shocks and allow for smooth filling and accuracy of fuel metering.

  • Accounting by volume
  • Accounting by weight
Aviation fuel Commercial accounting Unit
Designed for filtering the TS-1 when receiving from tankers, railway tanks, intra-warehouse pumping, preparation and delivery of aviation fuel to mobile technical means of refueling aircraft. With the possibility of dosing of anti-water crystallization liquid (PVCJ). Multi-stage filtration system.


The TKK fuel branding unit (hereinafter referred to as the additive dispenser) introduces additives into the pipeline with petroleum products. The calculation of the volume of the required additive occurs automatically depending on the main volume being poured into the tanker. The additive dispenser can be used in any climatic zone, thanks to the use of a heating system of technological equipment. The number of additive input lines included in the dispenser is selected depending on the needs and is selected individually (from 1 to 6).

LPG fiscal metering unit
Provides commercial accounting of liquefied gases (LPG) in units of mass or volume when filling or draining automobile and railway tanks. Liquid and vapor phase accounting. Full automation of the process of draining and filling LPG. Compact modular design
Provides commercial accounting of liquefied gases (LPG) in units of mass or volume when filling or draining automobile and railway tanks. Liquid and vapor phase accounting. Full automation of the process of draining and filling LPG. Compact modular design

Filling equipment
  • Top filling

    Designed for sealed fuel filling in cars

    and railway tanks. All top filling systems are made of materials that exclude sparking..

  • Bottom filling

    Designed for filling tankers and tankers with fuel in accordance with existing regulations through the lower intake valve.

Ladders and overpasses
  • Folding ladders

    They are installed on loading ramps and provide convenient access to the neck of cars and railway tanks.

  • Loading ramps

    Designed for the safe performance of work on filling in cars and railway tanks of liquid hydrocarbons.

Barriers and traffic lights
Automated Process Control System
The equipment we produce includes software (software) of various levels of complexity, depending on the Customer's requirements. This software allows you to manage both the discharge/filling area of liquid hydrocarbons and all objects of the storage warehouse (tank farm, shut-off valves, pumping stations, etc.). It has a detailed architecture that allows integrating the TZK-100 series filling measuring complexes into any control system located at the Customer's facility.To control the complexes of the TKK-100 series, the Modbus RTU serial data transmission protocol is used via RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 interfaces, in TCP/IP, UDP networks. In connection with the import substitution program, the Delovoy Soyuz company managed to find domestic manufacturers that are not inferior in their capabilities and characteristics to such companies as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley and others.
Why choose us?
  • Free consultation on the selection of equipment. Pre-project work
  • Technical service and support. Warranty, scheduled and post-warranty repairs
  • Individual work with the client (personal manager service)
  • Maintenance of metrological characteristics of accounting systems
  • Integration with existing enterprise automation systems
  • Flexible applicability and modularity of the manufactured equipment
  • Possibility of remote training of personnel
Our clients
Operation of production equipment
LLC "Business Union" at the facilities
of oil and gas farms
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