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Full cycle manufacture up to commissioning and maintenance of oil product supply facilities
Our achievements
23 years in the market
Our company started its activity in 2000 and is constantly developing
We have implemented more
1500 projects
There are more than 150 professionals in our team
5 holding companies
DELOVOY SOYUZ LLC is the parent company of the holding company of the same name
Owner’s text
Baranova Anna Vadimovna
Delovoy Soyuz LLC company is one of the leading developers of custody metering units in the Russian market. The equipment manufactured by the enterprise is widely used during oil product loading-unloading operations at oil tank farms, fuel and lubricant depots and oil refineries. Unique products of Delovoy Soyuz LLC is consumed by the largest oil companies.

Metering reliability and accuracy
The main products of Delovoy Soyuz LLC are fiscal metering systems TZK-100, oil product loading and unloading equipment, racks and steel structures manufactured in accordance with oil industry standards and regulations.
The intention of the enterprise is timely manufacture and handover of reliable and advanced oil tank farm metering equipment to the customer with professional follow-up and technical support.

The verification methods qualified by Rosstandart enable organizing works for verifying metrological characteristics in any distant region of the country if the minimum required reference equipment is available.
The comprehensive automation of metering operations at process steps of oil and oil product movement, reliability and validity of the metering results are characteristics of metering systems manufactured by us. Primarily they are “Bulk Fuel Installation TZK-100” metering systems.
TZK-100 use dedicated electrically driven pumps for petroleum products pumping with a double face seal, compensators that exclude temperature and vibration effects on the equipment, two-stage three-position solenoid valves that protect against water hammer and allow the loading process to be carried out with high and low flow rates in accordance with existing standards. TZK-100 installation has Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instrument.

Company’s goal

Contribute to the development of Russian industry influencing the global economy and improving the world

The company’s intention

Supply each oil product supply facility with the equipment manufactured by our company

The plant’s history

The history of Delovoy Soyuz LLC dates back to 2000. Then the company’s founders decided to create a bulk fuel installation which would be unique for the Russian market. The necessary approval documents were obtained in short time, and TZK-100 oil product fiscal metering units were put into production . At that time the market was not ready for a product which is qualitatively different from all its equivalents, and it was difficult to find the first customers. But BUSINESS UNION team was confident of success and was burning with enthusiasm. Within a short time TZK-100 became popular in oil and gas industry.

In 2005 the helm was taken by one of the founders, Anna Vadimovna Baranova. The company organized its own design department. The oil tank farm designing became one of the company’s activity areas. Our early major projects include Kaluganefteprodukt, Ryazannefteproduct, “Alians “Khabarovsk””, “Russian Emergency Ministry directorate in the Volgograd Region, “LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt” facilities.

The global crisis of 2007 and 2008 which influenced the country’s economy adversely stimulated the increase of efficiency of all activity areas of Delovoy Soyuz LLC. The company expands its product range; it develops and launches sales of installations for top multiproduct oil product loading via a single loading console without mixing.

In several subsequent years the enterprise continued its development: it transferred to a new level of accreditation, it purchased a land plot for construction of warehouses and painting shop and it expands the equipment supply geography. Our customers are “Rosneft”, “LUKOIL”, “Gazpromneft”, “YUKOS”, “Alians”, “Bashneft”, Federal State Reserve Agency of the Russian Federation, “Transneft”. A significant corporate event was participation in the construction of fuel filling station “Voda-Bereg” owned by “LUKOIL” in Saint P{etersuburg in 2010.

In this period the company achieved significant results which was marked by awarding several awards:

1. TZK-100 is listed in “100 best Russian goods”;

2. Gold medal for development and implementation of TZK-100;

3. Gold medal for accuracy of oil product weight measurement using TZK-100;

4. Certificate of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology for development of technologies.

5. Gold medal for maintaining high quality of metrological measurement accuracy.

6. Certificate for reliability and high quality of TZK-100.

Foreign exchange crisis in Russia in 2014-2015 resulted in decrease of consumer demand which inevitably affected most of domestic enterprises. It was tough time for our company also. Poor market conditions forced the management of BUSINESS UNION to make significant changes in the company’s activity. One of the key tasks of the company in that period was participation in the governmental imports phase-out program. Manufacture of loading arms (consoles), knockout boxes, filters and other devices was launched. It helped the enterprise in quick recovery.

In 2016 Delovoy Soyuz LLC continued its active and gradual growth and development. “Transneft-Baltika” facility was implemented. The company acquired a new production building and started works on its rebuilding. The amount of production facilities and production output increased. The equipment supply geography grew. The development of new equipment and software continued taking into account advanced technologies in accordance with amendments to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. The corporate academy for employees’ professional and personal growth started to operate.

2019 The main goals in that year were improvement of quality of the produced equipment and social development of the company. We took on a major task in these areas and implemented the biggest project in the company’s history.

In the first half-year of 2020 Delovoy Soyuz LLC became the winner in the bidding procedure held by PJSC “Oil Company “Rosneft”” for purchase of 90 TZK-100 installations. Due to intelligent management by CEO and total dedication of the production shop employees that order was implemented in the shortest time possible – 4 months. During all that period the production operated at full capacity, in 3 shifts. Each new day was a great risk for our company – we were on razor edge and could fall down at any moment. Any failure to meet the delivery date could result in heavy fines, poor development of the equipment could instantly destroy our reputation, and erroneous distribution of financial resources in such a crisis situation could halt the manufacture altogether. Due to intelligent management by CEO R. V. Yadykin we were victorious in that situation. It became a major achievement and something to be proud of!

2020 A very tough and indefinite year.

The beginning of the year seemed promising and more or less predictable. Tactical plans were developed. They were to result in proceeds being multiplied by factor of 2.5 amounting 1 billion roubles. We had plans for increasing the manufacturing facilities and upgrade thereof. We had many plans…


In spring of 2020 Coronavirus pandemic broke out in the world

The coronavirus pandemic influenced greatly both global and Russian economy. Due to the lockdown many companies had to temporarily close down, the aggregate demand reduced and unemployment rate increased. The company’s employees had to work online. All public events were prohibited (exhibitions, forums, meetings, presentations). All these are just the interfacing with the customer which is most efficient. Major companies had to cut their budget and cancel many scheduled projects or postpone them indefinitely.

And all that made us adapt quickly!

We learned to work online efficiently. We started to promote our company and the product on the Internet. We carried out personnel optimization in the company keeping only the most efficient and goal-oriented employees.

At that time we developed and promoted actively some new products, such as:

• Aviation fuel supply metering units

• Additive dispensing skids

• We developed a new own-produced controller and software which bring one to a new level in the automated process control system.

• Automatic Pad Metering Station (APMS). The manufacture feasibility of such installations has been carried out in full, presentation thereof was prepared and performed for JSC “Oil Company “Rosneft””. Certification and state registration process was launched.

As a result, we kept the lights on.

Proceeds in 2020 dropped as compared with 2019, but not drastically.

But the headline is by developing the sales department the total amount of concluded agreements increased from 8 to 34, and the order portfolio was formed for 2021–22, which should enable exceeding the previous years’ proceeds and bringing it to the next level.

2021 The whole world had not recovered from the first epidemic wave of coronavirus when the second wave came, although not so catastrophic as the first one. Many countries’ economies managed to adapt to the current realia.

But for our company it was a watershed year and it brought us to new horizons. It was achieved due to further rally effect of the epidemic preventing us from resting on our oars and promoting constant development, finding and implementing new corporate tools and developing new activity areas.

All that facilitated in the achievement of sales records which exceeded those of 2020. Almost by factor of 2.

And what's the main, there was an entry to new market segment. It was aviation fuel supply market!

This market was considered to be closed, and only 2 companies were the main manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for it. But we managed to reach out to it by means of our strive, by means of our experience which was gained and allowed enhancing confidence to our company. At the end of the year we signed 4 contracts with RN Aero for supply, performance of construction and installation works and commissioning of the equipment. Сoncurrently, we are approached by such companies as Gazpromneft-aero, Lukoil-aero, private companies. In this area we cooperate with design institutes, we form companies’ budgets and take part in forums and conferences.

This year laid the groundwork for our company’s future!

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