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The equipment produced by us includes software (SW) of various levels of complexity, depending on the Customer's requirements. This software allows you to manage both the liquid hydrocarbon discharge/filling area and all the facilities of the storage warehouse (tank farm, shut-off valves, pumping stations, etc.). It has an extensive architecture that allows you to integrate the measuring filling systems of TZK-100 series into any control system located at the Customer's facility.To control the complexes of the TZK-100 series, the Modbus RTU serial data transmission protocol is used via the RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 interfaces, in TCP/IP, UDP networks. Within the framework of imports phase-out program of “Business Union” company it became possible to find domestic vendors whose products’ functionality and characteristics are highly competitive with those offered by Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley and other companies.

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Automated oil tank farm process control systems

To optimize the enterprise business, automated oil tank farm process control systems are used. They enable enhancing the service quality and increasing safety on the territory of explosion-hazardous facilities. You can buy the required equipment by contacting the professionals of BUSINESS UNION company so that to discuss the equipment characteristics.
Using the oil tank farm APCS it is possible to receive, store and discharge products automatically. It enables minimizing the influence of human factor on metering and process operations. By means of advanced solutions it is possible to reduce the oil product losses and theft and to monitor any overfills and leaks. The flow rate and residue in the tanks will be accounted fully with measurement of weight, level, density and other parameters. Such innovative technologies enable the full automation of document workflow and comply with all regulatory authorities’ requirements. Operations will be carried out with high accuracy. As a result, operating costs will be reduced even with increase of the work scope.
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