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In order to effectively carry out the filling of petroleum products, special equipment operating in an automated mode is needed. You can order it from the BUSINESS UNION company, which is engaged in the design and supply of various systems designed for processing oil refining products and other media.

Our complexes have the following features and advantages:

with their help, it is possible to achieve a high level of safety, to ensure simplicity, ease of operation and reliability of filling operations at gas stations and other facilities;

the filling is carried out in the tank in automatic mode, so when a certain level is reached, the process stops on its own;

the equipment for receiving and discharging petroleum products has a long service life with timely maintenance, replacement of failed parts and compliance with all operating rules;

devices for draining petroleum products from tankers allow operations to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

If it is necessary to consult on the choice of equipment, you can always contact experienced specialists who will design the system and install it on the site.

Top loading

Bottom loading

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A single equipment package is automated oil product loading systems including different assemblies and units allowing the fuel dispensing during fuel transfer to fuel servicing trucks, railroad tanks, tank vessels and tank farms. BUSINESS UNION company suggests ordering the expert services for designing and manufacture of all required components.
Often automated loading system includes discharge, mechanical and control assemblies. It looks like a modular system which will be subsequently expanded and improved for definite tasks. It can include the top oil product loading device which is a widely used technology of tank filling from the tank storage. An alternative is bottom oil product loading where the vehicle tank bottom is equipped with an assembly with some fittings and valves for performance of operations. An important part of the equipment is instrumentation, including mass flow meters ensuring precise dispensing of products and minimizing any product losses.
To create automated oil product loading systems, call us on telephone number +7 (499) 110-55-65 and tell the professionals about your requirements and desired configuration.