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Fuel filtration units

Fuel filtration units
designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of processes for the shipment of petroleum products (fuel for TS-1 jet engines according to GOST 10227-86 with changes 1-6) when:
  • Receiving TS-1 from railway tanks
  • In-park pumping
  • Purification of jet fuel from mechanical impurities and free water, fuel quality control
  • Deaeration of fuel, neutralization of static electricity in fuel, prevention of water hammer
  • Local and remote automated process control
  • Ensuring the safety of technological operations and automatic protection against emergency situations
  • Measurement of the mass, volume, density and temperature of the pumped jet fuel, collection and processing of measurement information, data transmission via open protocols to a higher-level system

The company DELOVOY SOYUZ LLC has a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which allows it to produce equipment for the aviation industry!

Technical description of the equipment
Equipment (technical devices), instrumentation and control equipment, alarm systems, are intended for use in explosive zones. These devices are made in explosion-proof design and have a level of protection corresponding to the class of the explosive zone and the type of explosion protection corresponding to the categories and groups of explosive mixtures.
Filter housings, water separator filters, piping, safety fittings are made of stainless steel 12X18N10T according to GOST 5632-2014 (hereinafter referred to as steel 12X18N10T). The shut–off valves must be made of steel 09G2S according to GOST 19281-2014 (hereinafter referred to as steel 09G2S) with a shut-off part made of steel 12X18N10T.
The company DELOVOY SOYUZ LLC produces body products - pressure vessels that are part of Fuel Filtration Units.
Fuel filters for TS-1 are capable of cleaning fuel from mechanical impurities in the range of 100 to 5 microns
The fuel degasser makes it possible to ensure that the volume of the gas (steam) phase at the entrance to the mass meter does not exceed 1% of the fuel volume
The water separator filter ensures the content of free water in jet fuel, when leaving it, not exceeding 0.0015% by weight.

Safety devices, means of preventing water shocks, removing static electricity in the fuel flow, measuring pressure drop, checking the operation of the dispenser, automatic deaeration, grounding, fire extinguishing, fuel quality control visualization system are part of the Fuel Filtration Unit and are an integral part of it.
The manufactured equipment has all the necessary certificates and is included in the register of measuring instruments.
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